Eisley Bree: 13th Birthday!

I remember finding out we were pregnant with our second child. We were SO excited and I anticipated whether we would have a boy or girl! As I was on Andy’s Facebook page, because it was only for college students, (if you can remember way back then!) and I was 22, married and a stay-at-home mama! He had posted a song by the band, “Eisley” and I LOVED the song and I said out loud, “If this is pronounced “Eyes-lee” and I’m having a girl, THIS IS HER NAME!”

I started desperately looking for a meaning of her name. I googled, I searched Safari, I went to all of the baby name sites and it could not be found! All that came up was the sir name, so I did a little searching and found that the last name Eisley, pointed to steel workers.

Strong. She will be strong in her faith, a strong woman of the Lord! I smiled and was so excited! I just knew this baby would be a girl! Her middle name is my Nickname, “Bree” which also means “strong and exalted one”. I imagined that she would point to THE exalted one, Jesus!

Well, since I had her name and felt a peace about it, I thought I was having a girl and I really hoped for a girl. It came time for finding out the gender and I wasn’t one to ‘wait and see’. I liked to plan and get excited! I was at Bible study the day we were going to find out. I kept writing her name and doodling it all over my paper. I was so distracted and just so excited! Waiting two more hours felt like an eternity!

Later that day, we got confirmation that we were having a little girl, and Andy agreed, her name would be, Eisley Bree!

On this day, THIRTEEN years ago! I gave birth to a healthy baby girl and fell in love!! We were so excited! She has always been SO FUNNY! Very much feels all the feelings and shares them! (see photo above!) Her British accent as a little girl is greatly missed. She grew to love her siblings and be a sweet servant.

Now, she loves to bake, play guitar, sing, write, play Minecraft, Bible journal have sleepovers with her sister and does hair and make-up better than I ever could! She is still so funny and kind, and a delight to be with. I love her love for Jesus and others, and her creativity that comes through in everything she does. How she genuinely tries to be more like Christ and humbles herself when she needs to change.

I love hanging out with this girl. I love when she’s simply in the room. I love that we have become friends, in a way, and she comes to me for advice and encouragement. We are learning each other’s hot buttons and both try to avoid hitting the other’s but ya know…hormones. ha!

I love how God put you together, Eisley Bree. I love your love for The Lord! You’re such a beautiful gift to us all. The world is so much brighter with you in it!

Her favorite verse, as she has been reading about The Proverbs 31 woman!Proverbs 31:25, “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”

Strength. Laughter. It is very much you, Eisley Bree!

Thirteen!!! It feels like you’ve been a teenager for 2 years! **Be nice to your mama…I am your greatest cheerleader on earth. (and I birthed all of your 9+ pounds!)


P.S. YUMMY French Toast Casserole to wake up too! Dairy and gluten free! Recipe; Here!

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  • All of who Eisley is! My greatest joy is seeing her love for our Savior! God has big plans for you young lady! Your servants heart will be used over and over. We love you so much!

  • Miss Eisley is truly something special, and God has such an awesome and unique plan for this strong girl! I love the relationship you have with your daughters! What a blessing they are!