Hello, I’m Breena! I have an amazing husband and 4 children. My greatest ministry is the one right at home with my family. I cook for dairy and gluten sensitivities after my kids experiencing all sorts of issues such as eczema, frequent ear infections, stomach issues…the list goes on! All of my kids are now gluten free and my girls are also dairy free which have almost completely eliminated all of the above!

I LOVE turning my 1995 Colonial home into a walk back in time, as if it’s from the 1800’s! (plus the modern conveniences of course!) You’ll eventually get to see before and afters of our efforts and even some ‘during’ as we continue to make our house our home! Decorating, designing and casting a vision brings me so much joy!

I also love doing life with other women, encouraging them and call out their God-given gifts and talents, reminding them that God wants them to share their story and in turn, share in the good news of Jesus inviting the world to be reconciled to Him! Sharing Jesus to the world and all He brings is one of my very favorite things to do!

If I’m not at a coffee date meeting with women, grabbing a lunch date with my husband or painting another room in my house or busting through a wall to create open concept ;),  I LOVE meeting with women who have gone before me, who have more wisdom and are willing to meet me where I am, encourage and love me and lovingly call me out when needed (this is earned, not a right we have just because, in case you’re inquiring…).

And my very favorite are those who are simply on a journey, either for sure wanting to know more about Jesus or are simply just…on a journey. To love them as they are is what I want to do and be Jesus to them is who I want to be.

All of the above women always seem to be an encourager to me and make me more like Jesus. And with every effort, I fail, need grace and the same Jesus I try and share with those in my life 🙂

I love doing real life with people and rarely like to be alone. Funny because I fell for the intelligent, introverted, preacher-man and after dating less than a year, we were married! A month and a half later, our first son was conceived (not born- ha!) and 4 years later, we had all four of our fun, smart, goofy, amazing children! Each one so unique and different and so wildly special.

As a young girl, I so badly wanted to marry a Christian man and have 4 children. I told this to all of my teachers when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Realizing this didn’t sit well with them, I eventually learned to tell them what they would LOVE to hear, “I want to be a teacher!” Teachers are my favorite and their job is one I am so grateful for, but better they than me!

After a few sweet but hard years of raising littles, living below the poverty line all while doing all things ministry, our hardest trial would yet come our way when our third child, second son, Ezekiel (Zekey) in 2012 at 2.5 years old, would have his first of what would be countless seizures to come. This is the start of a journey of learning what it’s truly like to live ‘Between Grace & Glory’, where, as the beautiful quote my wise mother-in-law shared with me, ‘We live in the tension of already and not yet.’ (author unknown)

My precious and beloved Zekey (Ezekiel Todd) met Jesus on March 23rd, 2014 after suffering with Batten disease, a rare and neurological disorder without a cure. Be certain, this disease is evil and straight from hell, but God, He rescued my boy and took him Home to be healed and whole. Can’t wait to hug my boy, tell him how honored I am to be his momma and join him in eternity.

Every day I miss what was meant to be and what isn’t. It may be changing the pictures out for the new school year, a family tradition that doesn’t feel complete without him here, or the obvious celebrating his birthday another year and wondering what he would have grown to become.

This is where our Hope comes in. I cling to Jesus and what He has done at the cross (grace) to make a way for all in Christ to be united in heaven again (glory). And yes, there are plenty of days full of joy and dancing too!

Thank you for coming along this ride of me sharing my heart, faith, the fun memories we keep on making, the ups and downs, making our house a home, recipes for food sensitivities and the things and people I love most! I hope you’re encouraged and will reach out and say hello or share a sweet comment on a post you felt God speaking to you through. Find and connect with me on Instagram and Facebook too!

Living between grace & glory,