Andrew, 40 Looks Good On You…

My dear Andrew William turned 40 today! It’s crazy to think he was only in his mid 20’s when we met. He was already so full of wisdom and deep thoughts, gifted in preaching….I was the lucky one to snatch him up!

Now, 15 years later, I can truly say he has gotten better with age! His wisdom deeper, as well as his scars from life. He’s preaching less but not because the opportunity isn’t there but because He takes time to think through and pray through taking next steps for the sake of our family and simply really wanting to walk in what God has for him and our family in each season.

I love that as I walk through the halls of church whether on a Sunday morning or a ministry I’m in, people have so many great things to say about him. I have a husband who is highly respected and honored and I’m always so proud to be called his wife.

Watching Andrew continue to fight for becoming a great father is my favorite thing about him. The other stuff, it’s beautiful, but his ministry as a father is something I’m eternally grateful that he takes seriously. I’m so blessed that he is the father of our children. I have become a better mother simply by watching him father. I have a partner in this life to raise our kids in the Lord, I could not ask for anything more.

Life has had its mountaintops and valleys. Losing our son was the deepest of valleys, nothing has ever stung and hurt so badly as those years watching Zekey make his way to heaven. But now, our Hope, together, our faith, together, it’s what has gotten us through.

Andrew William is my very best friend. I love that we’ve made it this far, and with 4 children we love to love and talk about. A story that’s not easy but has redemption and hope written all over it. I am grateful to have him, from the bottom of my heart.

This past weekend, all of our neighbor friends helped make a really fun weekend to celebrate Andy’s birthday. I asked them over a month ago to join me in going to Top Golf (Andy’s new favorite hobby!) and the next day, Pins Mechanical. Both high energy and filled with fun sports! The best was the company, though. Neighbors turned friends over the last 4 years we have lived in our neighborhood. We are blessed.

My mother-in-law got us a hotel for the weekend and our kids went to be with grandparents so I could really spoil Andy. He picked every meal, we shopped (which he likes to do…shhhh, don’t tell but he loves Banana Republic!) and realized by Sunday morning, exhausted and longing to see our kids again, we are getting old and we just love being home with them.

Tonight, May 7th, Andy’s actually birthday, we had Bexley’s dress rehearsal but afterwards we all walked to Uptown Westerville, our favorite place and ate well at our favorite restaurant, Asterisk. Then, we finished by getting some ice cream- well, I settled for some rock candy.

We walked back home, Andy read a book to Bexley, we prayed with the kids and they went to bed.

Andy and I finished the next prep for our new kitchen (photos are coming soon!). I helped Andy secured the new island to the floor, something we had to do before people come to measure the cabinets for our countertops tomorrow. One of our favorite things to do together is design. In this season, it’s making our house a home.

So I say thanks to God for creating such an amazing soul and for making him mine. It’s an honor to call him husband and the father of our children. Happy 40th, babe! You’re getting better with age!

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