He Is Risen- Easter Sunday Quarantine 2020

This Easter was unique for us as I’m sure it was for so many of you. The quarantine is etched into our days and I think most of us have embraced it. Notice, I didn’t say we like it, although I kind of do…for a season.

We were out one day with neighbors, who are also just really good friends, social-distancing and I suggested Andy preach an Easter message for all of us. Then, our friend Brian agreed. When Brian likes something, he is good about making it happen. So, together we plotted on getting Andy to agree to preach in our court. The Court- Amesbury. Andy laughed and after another day or two, I put out a text to our moms of the court text chat and let them know, which made it official.

So today, Easter Sunday, we woke up, had muffins, eggs and bacon and together as a family, we watched Church online. We miss our local church and friends but it’s good to still receive from our pastors, if even online. We’ve been so blessed to still do church at home, together as a family.

After singing along and worshipping through music and listening to the Easter sermon online in our living room, we started getting ready for a mini-church session outside with our friends.

Some neighbor-friends watched online from their homes via Facebook LIVE, others may have wondered what in THE world we were doing all set up outside in chairs facing towards a stand where Andy would preach in front of our house. one other family joined with us. A family we share a common understanding- pain.

We both have sons in heaven. We both know the sting of disease and death of boys we once heard and loved and talked with…who are both no longer with us, not like they once were, at least. And it’s strange- something you never want to have in common, but you’re so grateful you do all at once.

Our older boys are best friends. They get along well and have a deep understanding of what it means to loose a brother. It’s sad, yet so beautiful that God would be so kind as to put us all in the same court.

We all dressed in our Easter best and set everything up, had a phone on a stand for the FB LIVE to record it. It was simple and unique and beautiful. We lined up in our folding chairs and listened. Mocha, our trusted dog, sat right by my side the whole time, the rain held off, it was a perfect 57 degrees and partly sunny with eventual winds which hinted that rain would come. Right as Andy said, “If He rose again, death isn’t final.” At minute 17:08 the camera falls to the ground, off its stand. It was kind of funny. I picked it up and held the camera the rest of the way so that friends, family, neighbors could still watch until the end.

It was simple and intimate, holy yet ordinary. I think we will remember that moment forever.

Our families went our separate ways, I put my first ever ham in the oven, we had leftover soup for lunch and I took an Easter nap. I woke up to Bexley wanting an egg hunt in the backyard where Andy hid a few eggs in hard-to-find places and the kids enjoyed it. I then finished making the green bean casserole and Andy helped with the mashed potatoes for a real, Easter dinner.

We, like many of you, are watching the new TV series, The Chosen and that’s how we finished our evening together. Again, simple yet holy. Watching these shows, you can’t help but fall more in love with Jesus and I get that much more excited for the day we meet Him!

My heart is overwhelmed, year after year, at how almost raw the Easter story is for me and my family. After losing a son on earth, I can’t help but see it in a way that brings me Hope. Hope that my son isn’t dead in the ground, but has risen with Christ. I picture it, that moment when I enter eternity, after my final breath on earth. I’ll fall at the feet of Jesus, with the kind of body-shaking sobs taking over and a heart filled with gratitude and joy. I imagine He will lift me up, embrace me, and step away with a smile, showing me my boy, who will then be my brother. My Zekey.

I will first greet Jesus because He is the One who made a way for life after death for Zeke and me and all who follow Him, and it will be a glorious moment to see Jesus face to face. Yes, I miss my son, I long to embrace Him, but I long even more to embrace the One that made it possible. The One who forgave my sins and calls me a child of The Most High.

Happy Easter! Quarantine and all, I do hope it was blessed!

If you want more Easter blogging, Eisley just started a blog and I’m so proud of her little theological self- she is listening! She is learning and growing. You can click here: Eisley.Breeloverly.com

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