Christmas Tree Farm Mishap

Every year we love to go to a good tree farm that has a barn and hot cocoa and of course, trees to cut yourself. Makes for a good family photo, right?

Well, The Ohio State Buckeyes won and it was time to get a tree because the following week was full so we needed to make it happen. We decided to check out the one from last year again because we had a good time!

Go, Buckeyes! Oh, and Merry Christmas!

Once we got there, we realized we only had 15 minutes until they closed. No big deal, right?! We’d hurry and find the perfect Christmas tree, grab a few photos and put it in the…you guessed it, memory bank. Oh, you were thinking Christmas cards? Yeah, didn’t get around to that this year 😉

We trudged (yes, trudged) through thick, muddy grass for about 2 miles (ha! It felt like two miles, but maybe closer to 1/4 a mile. The trees weren’t looking too promising and one sweet kid of mine decided to share their opinion in stating “We should just come back another time!”

Yeah, no. We had already gotten our shoes dirty, I’d have to wash them all, we are at a tree farm, so we will FIND A TREE, darn it!

Well, there was no fire, no hot chocolate, no candy canes or smiling faces greeting us. It was for sure rushed and wasn’t that fun…but it gets better!

Strong boy turning man! (age 12)

We finally get our tree and Andy carries it 2 miles back to the front where we buy it and….no one is there. Not even the guy smoking a cigarette while checking out the people in front of us who clearly got there on time.

Weird. Andy didn’t want to turn around and smile….

It was 5:03 and, well, they closed at 5 so we lost…. Do we leave some cash and take it?! We didn’t know how much it was! Heck, we could have just taken it without paying but since that very tree would be used to celebrate the birth of Jesus, probably not the best idea. I’m kidding, you guys…….So then there’s the idea from the husband who suggests we leave it and call it a night.

Not on my, Christmas-tradition-loving body! Annoyed is one word for how we felt. 

We hop in the car, treeless, apologized to the kids, and I suggested we go to Costco to get a tree. So, we did. It was fine. It was a tree and we did get to go to a tree farm, so there’s that!

We finally got around to putting the tree up about 5 days later and I made them hot chocolate, put on Christmas music and we decorated our tree with our memory ornaments and it’s pretty, in all of its quirkiness.  

They LOVE a good cup of cocoa!
“Hang the lights, on the tree.” “Put them on the tree, put them on the tree!” – Sufjan Stevens in the background!

Love them! Eisley 10. Cyrus 12. Bexley 7
Love this crew. 

Mocha, freshly 3 years old!

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