Hope for 2020

Where you are today, in this thing called ‘life’, it’s is enough. It’s enough in order to be loved by God and there is NO greater thing, than to be loved by the MOST High, the Creator of this universe, God almighty Himself.

In this new year, you don’t have to try and get anywhere to receive more of His love. Just read any one of the gospels, Matthew, Mark, Luke or John and you’ll start to get it. No diet or exercise routine or amount of books you want to read, or deciding to be a kinder person will make God love you more. His love was already perfectly shown to us when he sent Jesus to die on the cross for all of our sins. The ones we committed our whole lives and the ones we have yet to commit. No sin too great for His love and forgiveNess.

Maybe near the end of 2019, you found yourself reflecting a lot on your life. I think that’s a good thing. To reflect where we are and where we want to be can be very beneficial. I just know the tendency for many seems to ‘be better’ in a way that they feel more value will be added to them, and that makes me sad- when I see it, and when I find myself doing it.

You see, the world tells us lies that our value lies in the temporal, but this is not where our true value lies. Our true value lies not in ourselves, but in the One who created us, in Jesus. The world tell us, it’s all about, well, us. You. Me. But our human-ness causes us to fall short all the time, whether publicly or in secret. 

If we want lasting value, that is eternal and never fades, we must realize first, we cannot possibly reach it on our own and no amount of money, or ideal body fat ratio, or amount of friends or success will truly ever satisfy. It’s just never enough, right?

But when Jesus holds your face in his hands and looks at you in the eyes and tells you that your value lies in not what you’ve done (the good or bad) but in what He has done for you, the world and it’s ways begin to fade and our true identity shines brightly as we see our reflection in the eyes of the Savior, Jesus.

Now close your eyes and imagine Jesus holding your face in his gentle, nail-pierced hands, up to His and as you feel His love wash over you and any guilt or pain wash away, look into His eyes and although your eyes are wet with tears, you can still see your face reflect in His eyes. Because you are His or simply know that He has literally died so that you would become His. 

And whatever thing, whatever addiction or fear or pain or past that you’ve committed or someone committed against you, can give it all to Him, he already died for it all, it isn’t yours to carry.

This is what truly matters: That we see ourselves as Christ does and choose to follow Him, and bring Him along on our life journey. 

So today, where you are in life, it’s not too late.


You stopped going to church because of something someone did to you. Forgive them as Christ has forgiven you and get back into it. You will not regret it.

You never went to church because you weren’t exposed to it, or it seems strange, or you’ve heard bad stories…sadly, The Church, no matter where you go, isn’t going to get it perfect until Christ returns because it’s full of humans BUT, there are plenty of Gospel-preaching churches that will humbly share the Gospel and walk through life with you, helping each other along to continue to grow in our faith. So, go alone and scared (but not truly alone as Jesus will meet you), or reach out to someone who you know is serious about their faith and go. You will not regret it.

Maybe you go faithfully every Sunday but you leave God at church every week and go about gossiping, cussing, feeling miserable, no joy, jealous, arguing, not finding yourself loving your people like Christ wants us to…

Get more involved throughout the week- open your bible for a simple verse or chapter. Grab a devotional and read it every morning and share it with your spouse or children or those you’re connected to online. Join a bible study (I’m leading one locally at Heritage for women on Thursday mornings, every other Thursday starting Jan. 16th if you want to, register here, I would LOVE to have you!! I’m leading ‘Spiritual Arts’ by Jill Briscoe’ on Thursday mornings) or find online devotionals like ‘she reads truth’ or he reads truth’ or ‘well watered women’ to name a few. Don’t go at it alone, we weren’t meant to follow Jesus alone but together as one Body of Believers. 

I could keep going with excuses for you, but I promise, none of them will be excusable. We aren’t promised tomorrow, Jesus makes that so clear in the Bible. Today is the day to take blind steps of faith to draw closer to the same God who created you and who already loves you unconditionally, as you are. He is good and trustworthy and although this broken world and the people in it will fail you and will bring great sorrow or pain, He never will. Jesus wants you to invite Him into your life, every part of it. Just ask, and start walking forward. 

I promise, He will meet you️.

Happy New Year. 2020

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